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Sphynx Must Haves!

The first necessity for a hairless cat is a heated cat bed

heated cat bed.jpg

A cat Tree will be fun and also relaxing for your kitty. 

cat ree.jpg

To keep kittens busy and wear them out for bedtime we recommend lots of toys. It is a must to keep them busy so they are not waking you up by pouncing on you in the middle of the night full of energy.  


A good diet is a must if you want to keep your cats healthy. Not only is wet food delicious for the cats it will help with their coat and keeping clean. 

wet food.jpg

These collars are great for peace of mind. If you have people around you that constantly leave the door open this would help for locating the kitten. Just add an airtag and all ready!

cat collar.webp

While Kittens are growing, we recommend having food out all day so they can free feed. We use dry food and wet food. 

kitten food.jpg

Water intake for cats is crucial. The water fountain keeps them entertained but also staying hydrated!

cat fountain.jpg
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